Install Open Office on Ubuntu 9.04 (command line method)

November 5, 2009 at 4:18 pm | Posted in Technology | 3 Comments
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I want to share this knowledge with you guys, I learned this a month ago from an Ubuntu Forum.Basically this installation process doesn’t involve wizard installation, you need to use Terminal (command line for lynux).

Follow the ff steps:

1. go to the OpenOffice website and download the Linux .deb file.

2.Once you have done that, extract the .deb file, OOo_3.1.1_LinuxIntel_install_en-US_deb.tar.gz then you’ll see a file called OOO310_m19_native_packed-1_en-US.9420

3. remove the existing version of OpenOffice if you wish with this command: sudo apt-get remove openoffice*.*

4. Copy and paste OOO310_m19_native_packed-1_en-US.9420 onto the desktop then open Terminal and paste this command: sudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/OOO310_m19_native_packed-1_en-US.9420/DEBS/*.deb

5. Then paste this command: sudo dpkg -i ~/Desktop/OOO310_m19_native_packed-1_en-US.9420/DEBS/desktop-integration/openoffice.org3.1-debian-menus_3.1-9420_all.deb

You can also check my entry on : Luigi Vibal || Official Web Site



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  1. You have just renewed my faith in humanity. I used this to install on ubuntu 8.10 after days of searching for instructions. Seems like everyone had advice that was outdated. This was simple and it worked beautifully. I will name my second born Iggy in your honor!

    • You’re welcome, you can always my posts for more hacks, by the way here’s my new website check it out my official web site and will post articles/hacks more there. thanks

  2. hmmm… I get the OOo splash screen and then a crash, attempt at document recovery, and a crash, attempt at… endless loop. Any clues?

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