Twitter via SMS in Philippines

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We have a service here that can update your status on Twitter, I just found this last week. It’s good that we have this kind of service, but its better if they can also give us updates or send us updates of the people that we are following


For more information click this –> Tweetmoments


Redundant Array of Intellligent Disks

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A.K.A  “RAID”,  combination of multiple disk drives into an array that results in a capacity, performance, and reliability level exceeding the capabilities of any single large drive. RAID systems are normally made for SERVERS and big systems, can be a big database or big dedicated application.

I can’t expose everything here but I have another resource which you can check out: RAID DATA PROTECTION for Lynux


Wave Account

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This is my GoogleWave account, currently I haven’t done anything yet with this because I still don’t know how to use it. Of course I need to read the Complete Guide and watch some videos regarding this or Google Wave Help. There are plenty of resources to look into but of course there’s should be one resource out there which can really help me.

Kobe’s 41 this Season

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Google Wave’s Complete guide

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I saw this at Mashable’s site:

untitledClick here — > Google Wave Guide

New MacBooks at PHP 54,990

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I just saw this post on my google alerts

“MacBooks are getting cheaper and cheaper. This is the most affordable MacBook in recent history. Although I’m a big fan of the aluminum finish, I figure that Apple really needed to distinguish the MacBook line with the Pro series as they were both starting to look alike. So the 13 inch MacBook is back to its white roots with more rounded corners. From the product photos, the new portables look “fatty” but as seen in this size comparison with my aluminum portable, it’s really just the same thing with a polycarbonate finish.”

Yeah I agree price of MacBook is getting cheaper and cheaper if I just have money I’ll buy one

Through the trees – Low Shoulder

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through the tree low shoulder mp3 | lyrics
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Jennifer’s Body

November 1, 2009 at 2:28 pm | Posted in Entertainment | 1 Comment
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I watched this movie yesterday with my girlfriend, and all I can say is this movie is good somehow creepy and funny!

Bulls tortured Spurs

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San Antonio Spurs with 1-1 and Chicago Bulls won their first game at home tonight92-85 with Deng and Rose leading the team on scoring. How could the mighty Spurs lose to the young Bulls? May they’re just improving this season, if that’s the case it’s really good for them. On my point of view, I really want to see this Chicago team on the post-season and be contenders again just like the Jordan Era.

bullsPictures are taken from NBA.COM

Twitter lists Activated!

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Yes Twitter lists on my account is already activated. So for all tweeps out there follow me and/or put me on your lists

Twitter Account:  iggyboiboilists

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